Saturday, 16 August 2014

When not perky meets pinky

Magic is doing well and although her readings are a little higher than I was hoping they are still in a good range on half unit of insulin twice daily. She is well in herself, her little necklace of itchy bumps have all gone and she is eating well.

The mornings are becoming a little bit of a flashpoint again but all credit to her that she walks through to the living room and jumps up on the sofa when I ask her and show her the syringe. There are a number of humans and many children who wouldn't be that compliant so I am counting my blessings. Occasionally she will jump down but can usually be coaxed back.

Maybe her ears are becoming sore from being stabbed twice a day, either that or she is just getting a bit hacked off as this is going on much longer than she wants to tolerate. Not being a morning personality she is not that perky and is definitely crankier than she is in the evening.

In the past few days she's taken to snapping her head round as I prick her ear and letting out a little snarly ouch! Unfortunately, as she turns round with her mouth open, she ends up swallowing my pinky finger which is level with her mouth as I work on her ear. This shocks her and I jerk too when I feel her jaws round my finger! She isn't biting me but she does give me a fright and she looks pretty startled herself at choking on an unexpected finger...!


  1. Oh, the poor wee thing! Sydney sometimes growls at me...that I can cope with...but sometime she gives a pitiful whine as the insulin goes in...that finishes me off!
    Jane x

  2. Purrs to Magic and to you - I'm sure she knows that what you are doing is for her good, but it doesn't mean she always likes it.

  3. So glad Magic is doing well. Can you not take the blood from somewhere else?
    just a thought.

  4. Very glad that Magic is doing well. Ask the vet & nurses about alternative pricking points. There might also be a safe local anaesthetic to use that would maybe make it less uncomfortable for Magic, but would be another thing to do to her, so may not be such a good idea, probably worth asking if you can.

  5. aww.. bummer. This post started out making me smile because I met another diabetic kitty. And I smiled bigger when I realized you were home testing. it is sad that Magic is having this reaction. I have tested more than a half dozen cats and none of them have had this reaction.

    *Scritches Magic's chin* Sorry sweetie, but it is for your own good.

    There are alternative testing sites. You can test on the paw pad. I have never done it, but some people have.


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