Sunday, 2 December 2012

First Snow

I'm ridiculously excited right now as it is snowing. I know it is sad and childish but I just cant help it. Just as I can't help craving a big mug of soup to take to bed as my brain somehow insists snow, sleep and soup are a divine trinity.

This is the first snow any of us have experienced living in a house with a garden. As soon as I realised it was snowing I could not wait to get into the garden to take pics and throw some snowballs.

After I'd done that I brought the cats through from the bedroom and opened the patio door to see what they'd do. Magic went first, stood on the step, looked at the white stuff, took half a dozen investigatory steps before coming back in and looking up at me as if I was nuts. She sat on the rug guarding the door and watching Red with incredulity.

Red gave it more of a shot. He spent ages at the doorway, made three forays out onto the snow, which I didn't manage to catch on film as he was too quick. Each time he flew back in shaking his big fluffy paws and making 'gruggly' noises. Then two seconds later was back at the door mesmerised by the white cold stuff and white fluff falling from the sky just begging to be caught.

Another lovely memory in the history of our lovely wee house.