Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Windy Windae

The vile and scary winds today have fair been putting the wind up me and one of the cats. I woke to the bedroom windows being battered by huge gusts and trying to come into the room. As the wind picked up tempo I got more and more concerned and decided it was not safe to pull the covers over my head. Red was also getting quite anxious and kept disappearing behind the curtains then coming back out and looking very disconcerted.

So I carted Magic from her sleeping space, to her complete annoyance, and took them both through to the other side of the house to settle all of us. It was less windy but on looking out of the window I saw the car next to mine had a huge smashed windscreen as the tiles had come from the high building opposite and the street looked like a war zone. I was too scared to go out to see if mine had sustained damage.

Red was a little more settled in the living room for all of a few seconds before he obviously decided it was more than he could take and legged it. He didnt even come out for food which is astonishing. In nine hours I've seen him once when he made a fleeting visit before he fled at the next gust. I still have no idea where he is hiding. The boy is a complete woose with nerves of pure candy floss. Magic has slept through with one short visit to scoff her breakfast.

Update: these winds were much worse than the 'hurricane' the month earlier and apparently the roof tile bombardment had actually come mainly from my building. Another other neighbour's car also got struck although less severely. She was very pragmatic about it, even when commenting that the two dents now took her car from the appearance category of 'a great wee runner' to 'clapped out'! I didn't escape entirely unscathed though as one of the tile shards punctured my tyre:-(

Monday, 2 January 2012

Cosmic Ordering: The Princess and the Pee

There is a popular school of thought that reckons that if you can dream your perfect life and REALLY, REALLY want it then the cosmos will pop it in the post to you. I am sceptical. If this is true then why is a very tall Andy Garcia not in the kitchen of my mansion cooking my dinner while I look out a size zero dress that isn't too loose on me!

Anyway, although I think this is all bunkum this little post illustrates how cosmic ordering might just have occured.

I'd been feeling a little guilty as I'd been very preoccupied and hadn't been giving the cats much of my time. So, I promised myself I'd make more of an effort. Magic got lots of action with the furminator and Red drove me daft with prolonged games of 'mousey mousey'. This is just fetch with a little fur mouse but is apparently as good as life can get! During one prolonged bout I needed the loo and, after telling him I'd be back, I made my exit. I'd barely sat down before the door was thrown open in my face by Red who dropped 'mousey' at my feet. As he wasn't taking no for an answer, and I realised I may be detained a little longer than first anticipated (use your imagination), I ended up sitting there firing the mouse out of the door and continuing the game. As I was musing on the ridiculous situation of not getting peace to go to the loo on my own, I realised a cosmic order had just been fulfilled.

Often as a child I'd dreamed of being a rich Princess ensconsed on a throne, being feted by handsome suitors bearing gifts and riches and vying for my attention and hand in marriage. Incidentally, I blame all the childrens books my Mother bought me and Disney films for this chiffon clad nonsense in the first place. Despite that having been many years ago it seems that I finally got my wish. However, maybe I should have been more specific because there I was ensconsed on a 'throne' of sorts being paid great homage by a handsome young male who wanted my hand, not in marriage, but to fire 'mousey' down the hall to be retrieved.

What a let down. I also suspect under the same logic my lottery winner fantasy has been and gone too. My Father's ticket was the winner many years ago in the Easter raffle at my primary school scooping him the first prize of 27 Creme Eggs.

So, before anyone is tempted to buy into this notion that you can magically order the life you would like then remember this cautionary example, and be specific about what you want otherwise you might get what you wish for.... altho' perhaps not exactly in the way you had anticipated.