Saturday, 9 June 2012

Red's Nemesis

Red's nemesis is currently driving him insane each time he see's it. He has no chance of ever catching it but it doesn't stop him stalking it from afar. See if you can see what it is and where it is?

Some recent pics

No special story to these, they are just some nice pics.

Magic resting on a chair. The photo was taken from under the table to capture her. Nice to see a shot with her awake and in good light to see her coat and Tortie markings.
The next few were taken of Red sleeping on top of the wardrobe. Obviously, it wasnt easy and I just ended up sticking the camera up high and snapping. I really like the second one, even though it was taken with the telephoto accidentally on. It only captures his little chest, shoulder, pudgy paws and pink nose. However, I think it looks like quite an intimate shot, as this is the view I normally have if I look down when he is sleeping all cooried up in my arms.

 The same view but without the telephoto. He just looks sedated in this one....!
 I was tidying the wardrobe and as usual Inspector Furry Paws needs to investigate.
 Just a Furry Paw...

Sunday, 3 June 2012

Bacon Arithmetic

A little sum to test the arithmetic of cat owners.

You make 6 rashers of bacon and split the loin part from the streaky bit and cook separately so that the meat is tender but the fat is completely crispy. (I don't care if it is weird, I like it this way!). You take two loins and two crispy bits for breakfast and leave the rest to cool so that it can be put in the fridge for other breakfasts. You close the kitchen door properly when you leave but later forget and wander back and forth for coffee etc. How much bacon remains?

In this house the answer is one loin and two crispy bits. The culprit, if we exclude poltergeist activity and acts of God, would seem to be Red; as Magic was out cold on the sofa the whole time. Stupidly though, I looked to see if the missing pieces had fallen or been left in the pan....! Anyway reality dawned and as Red sauntered in I reckoned he could just have the rest because if he had been snacking on my bacon then I certainly wasn't going to be eating it. So I offered it to him and unbelievably the little thief sniffed, gave it a lick, stuck his nose in the air and walked off. Blooming contrary beast!