Monday, 11 August 2014

Ladies and Gents

Red is a little Gentleman and insists on escorting me to the toilet almost every time I go. He will even wake up and come running from another room if he hears me moving about in case I need him to lead the way.
I am not sure why he does this as it's been going on since he was a kitten.
I've been managing to get to the toilet by myself since childhood so I think I am quite competent but no, my fluffy guide insists and will even run to overtake me and shoulder open the bathroom door.
I am the only one he does this for so I don't know if he thinks I am daft or it is in honour and recognition of my favoured human status.
I don't mind the escort as it is very endearing and he is so sweet but I do wish he wouldn't remain and sit expectantly while I attend to matters! Sometimes he insists on being lifted and sits purring while I am otherwise occupied.
I am fairly certain this is not normal but I don't know how to break the news to him without hurting his feelings. I have tried closing the door but he becomes distraught, yells and batters hell out of it. Any suggestions are welcome or should I just accept that toilet visits are a two person role around here?


  1. I'd say just go with it - what Red wants, Red gets! My human is a little relieved we don't have this habit.

  2. Oh Red, you and Oscar would get on very well. Oscar likes to curl up in trousers that are dropped to the ground for certain ablutions. It's fine ...unless we have visitors.
    Jane x

  3. Perhaps he knows he will have your undivided attention in there and not have to share you! My Tom used to be fond of pushing open the door to join me but he never learned to close it behind him so I'd be sitting there in full view of anyone coming up the stairs! Of course I could have closed it properly but then like Red he'd have been trying to get in and scratching at the paintwork!

  4. Just accept it - Mummy says one of my predecessors, Angel Scrap, used to do the same.
    Purrs ... Rainbow

  5. Clearly you are completely incompetent and he needs to supervise! He was such a sweet kitty too. Lovely little chap :-)

  6. Flynn does exactly the same. I tell him I don't need an escort but it makes no difference, he always beats me there.

  7. I follow Mommy to the human litter box room. However, I politely turn my back while she finishes does her business and escort her out afterwards. I am a polite ladycat!

  8. Me think you just have to accept that toilet visits are a two person role around your place :)
    It´s the same over here :)

  9. Red is showing you the greatest of respect.

    Outdoors cats don't just eliminate where they need to mark boundaries, often they pick a place that feels very safe. When you go to the loo, it's telling Red that this is a supreme and safe place to be, and it's also the chance for him to be comforted by the odour of his "clan".

    You are very honoured!

  10. VERY normal.. says the woman with an entourage of four or five when she 'goes'


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