Friday, 8 August 2014

Instrumentally stupid question

Time for an amusing tale I think as things have been very serious around here. Magic is still doing ok but there have been some higher blood sugar readings which I hope are to do with the new can of test strips rather than her. I've ordered some more to compare and will post how we get on. Red continues to shed fluff and we are still spitting, sneezing and chasing the stuff. I haven't yet asked the hairdresser about a Sphinx haircut for him but I am getting there...! I also saw something funny tonight and posted it on my other blog if you are in the mood for another silly story.

This happened the day before Magic got critically ill but I was too focussed on what was happening with her. Now things have calmed a little (fingers crossed) it seems like a good time to share and I hope it makes you smile too.

I was in the vet's collecting a prescription and a great big burly man came in with a cat box. He sat down, put the cat box on the floor and his cat started registering it's protests. The two receptionists laughed as apparently he does this each time he comes, the cat not the man! The man opened the small flap on the top of the box to stroke the cat but it was not buying it. It was not in distress, it just wanted out, NOW!

When I looked over I thought it was possibly a Siamese and I was really keen to say hello to it as I've never seen one in the flesh, or more accurately, the fur. At the time I had been listening to Doreen Tovey's audiobooks at night about her two Siamese which had left me both intrigued by these cats and too scared to contemplate having one of these four legged demolition experts. The chap was happy for me to stroke the cat and it felt utterly beautiful and had such a sweet angular face. Even tho' it was still singing the song of its people!

I told him I'd been listening to an audiobook on Siamese and he knew her books. Incidentally, the man looked like a bouncer and it surprised the hell out of me that he'd read these frightfully twee books. It just goes to show, I suppose, how into the breed Siamese owners are which is something Doreen Tovey talks about in her stories.

I went on to ask him what his cat's name was and he said "Trumpet". At the time I was bending down to the box so was at his head height as he was seated and I said "Trumpet? That's unusual, where did you get that from?". The man looked at me as if I was an imbecile, then looked down at the cat bawling its head off as I twigged and burst out laughing before agreeing it was a stupid question because the deafening 'Trumpet' was very aptly named.


  1. We inherited a Siamese (I know, most people get jewelry!)...he insisted on singing Chinese opera in the middle of the night.
    Jane x

  2. HAH! The guy had a sense of humor. TW has never had a Meezer. Glad Magic is doing better.

  3. MOL! The cat BEFORE the cat before me was all black, but he was half Siamese and he talked quite a bit too!

  4. More purrs are on their way to Magic.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  5. MOL! Trumpet does sound like an appropriate name for a meezer!

    Purrs continue for Magic.

  6. Even I (a proper Siamese Princess) had ta smile at a fellow Siameezer named "Trumpet"! ~ Ayla


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