Tuesday, 29 January 2013

New Best Toy

Red has adopted a new best toy. It wasn't made for him, but he has appropriated it for his exclusive use. Given the way his little eye light up when he sees it, it clearly is way better than a bag handle, which is high praise indeed.

So what is this wonder toy? Well, it is a stolen knotting experiment. I tried for ages to make a monkey's fist knot with paracord with little success. When I tried again I saw where I had gone wrong and managed to create a vaguely passable first attempt. 

I was so chuffed I had worked it out that I decided to rest on my laurels and celebrate my success with a bath (big time, eh?). Magic came with me and was perched on a towel on the toilet lid on Health and Safety duty as usual as she always feels she has to guard me. She may have a point, as I managed a spectacular fall a couple of weeks ago and had some impressive abdominal and rib bruising and scrapes, which hurt!

On this occasion tho' I was quite safe. Red had been sleeping but as I  tried to relaxed in the bath all I could hear was him battering something senseless up and down the hall and having a high old time. I had my suspicions it was my poor monkey knot, and sure enough when I'd finished there was the evidence in a damp but surprisingly undamaged heap.

Paracord seems remarkably robust as a cat toy and despite prolonged chewing it looks as good a new. The only odd thing about this as he runs up to get me to throw it is that it looks like a little string yellow moustache hanging down either side of his mouth.

Thursday, 24 January 2013

Wardrobe puss

Just some nice pics of the boy from the old house when he had access to his beloved wardrobe eyrie.

The face is just so smug as he knows I cannot get him down unless he wants to come down....!