Saturday, 22 February 2014

Saturday Photohunt - Amber

Red is wishing all of his buddies a lovely, fun and relaxing Saturday. He also thinks he qualifies as  the Saturday photohunt on account of his fur and his glorious eyes. He say's he's also very modest, too!


Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Normal Service to be Resumed

Sorry for the break in service but hopefully back on form again. For the cats it is Stonehenge Time. This is when monolithic features land in the hallway filled with rocks of cat litter and usually some treats. This is actually a tiny delivery compared to the big ones as this is only a top up of the silica litter I augment the SmartCat all-in-ones with as both cats use the same box. Sorry for the fuzzy quality of the pics, I'm blaming the lighting, distance and action-nature of the shots!
Boss Lady as usual is first up to snoopervise the delivery.
Then feartie Red comes out of hiding once the danger of meeting the delivery man is well past
 Goodies were definitely unearthed from the boxes as we had lots of loyalty points to use this time as well
 This is one of the toys with valerian and I mis-read the packet and spent a good half a day laughing at the idea of it being called Baldi-Hairs before it was pointed out it said Baldi-Maus - definitely lost in translation!
I'd read the reviews that there was a noticeable odour from valerian but yee gads it really STINKS! Over ripe cheesy feet stench is the closest to it.   
 Red, had a sniff
Tucked it under his chin 
 Then had a little roll on it. However, he seems to be able to take it or leave it. He gives it a little bat as he passes but it seems not to be a major delight for him. I'm not surprised as he is not that affected by catnip either.
Magic on the other hand goes into full blown glazedness and raptures with it and the worst bit is she seems to want to thank me by coming up and rubbing her super smelly valerian scented fur on my cheek- gah!
I have a little video clip of her rolling about but it was taking ages to upload even a quarter and it is not that exciting as it is just her lolling over it which I know you can easily imagine 
Happy Tuesday to everyone!

Saturday, 1 February 2014

3D Television

A fuzzy shot to start with so I'm sorry about that, but the opportunity to snap Magic and Red with the big dog was too much. Only afterwards did I realise the subtitles were hilariously apt.
 Are they looking for Delgado?
  Red.....he's behind you!
....and just so that we are all in agreement, we are NOT going to mention that we were watching Beverly Hills Chihuahua over Christmas.......thank you, kindly!