Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Who's the doughnut

My friend was coming over and I thought I heard the door. However, on looking, there seemed to be no-one at the door but Red was tossing himself over some boxes to get into one of his hidey-holes. When I realised the noise had only been him I said "Was that you, you doughnut...?" before going off and leaving him to it.

Anyway a few seconds later the door was knocked by my friend who greeted me with "Who's a doughnut?" as she came in. Yes, it had been her who knocked on the door, and yes it was Red doing his Greta Garbo 'I vant to be aloooone' impression.

Too Early

Poor Red. I had to be up super early yesterday to take a train down south for work. As is always the way, I'd footered about and gone to bed late, not slept well for fear of sleeping in and woken very early when the three phone alarms (!) went off.

As I dashed about getting ready; well, ok, maybe that is overstating the speed and purposefulness of the activity. I suppose what actually was occurring was me bumbling about like a womble as I am more of a natural owl than lark. Anyway, wee Red was sitting quietly in the hall at the bedroom doorway as I was dressing. As he looked a bit shell-shocked I asked him if it was too early for him to be up. In response he very delicately opened his mouth and very, very slowly did the biggest yawn I've ever seen. It obviously was a big deal for him too as his eyes were rolling when his 'flip-top' head went back into shape!