Thursday, 22 March 2012

Foggy Logic

Not a cat related story but funny to me all the same and, quite probably for anyone who knows my Mother, it will come as no surprise either.

I took her to a live recording of a RADIO comedy gameshow tonight and she was very keen and eager about it all. However, it soon became apparent that she was a little unclear on the concept of how this might work when she asked when she'd be able to see herself on the 'telly'! After some explanation which caused the penny to drop I asked her if she thought she had a good face for radio and she told me I was a cheeky swine, which we agreed seemed like fairtrade insults! As it turned out the comedy show was ok but not brilliant and we reckoned we had had had a better laugh in the car especially as it prompted us to laugh about a similar incidence of her 'foggy logic'.

Many, many years ago my heartthrob Paul Coia was presenting a live outside broadcast programme when we were passing one day and I dragged her over to catch a glimpse of him. (I was young and got over it, ok!) Anyway after a few minutes of my Mother's rather odd posing and head bobbing she started literally dragging me away hissing that we had to get up the road quickly so that we could see ourselves on the tv. Apparently she'd been posing to make herself conspicuous so that she could spot herself when she watched the show! Took me ages to explain that she wouldn't be able to see herself on LIVE tv esp. as we were not videoing it in those archaic pre-iplayer days! She was fair disappointed she was not going to see her tv debut.

It was a pretty nostalgic night allround as we went to see the Muppets Movie after the radio recording. What a piece of nostalgia that was seeing all my fav characters. I was totally transported back and sat wondering whatever had become of the Fozzie Bear soft toy I was given by Santa one Christmas. Maybe I should employ a bit of 'Fozzie logic' to see if I can find him! Anyway the night started off on a silly note and just kept going as we sang cycles of Manah, manah all the way to her door! Priceless!