Monday, 18 August 2014

Red to the Vet

Last week I took little Red to the vet's for his routine vaccination. As he has had a dreadful reaction in the past I only allow him to get this every 18months which is still within the license of the vaccine.

He was a complete sweetie and though clearly terrified he just snuggled up close to me as much to get near me as to get away from the vet. However, he sweetly let them get on with it without complaint. I did have to open the carry box at the top as no way was he coming out the door but he let me lift him without protest although it was like lifting wet spaghetti.

The vet found two things which she asked permission for the student vet to feel/listen to 1. an impressively palpable full bladder 2. a 'squeak' in his lungs. My head snapped up at this and I asked what the squeak meant. She smiled and said poor Red was so scared that fear was making him squeak and he was suppressing it when he was breathing in. Awww, my poor boy....!

The vet was quite amazed that Red is normally bold, tricky and quite the character at home except if someone comes in as he throws himself over the back of the sofa to hide. He's just not great with strangers.

I drove him back home quickly so that he could visit the litter box and not the carry box!


  1. Poor Red - I'm glad he and his bladder made it home safely!

  2. Oh, Red...we understand ...only one of us is OK with strangers...she's our ambassador (Zoe).
    Squeak squeak....ahem...purrs.
    The REAL Maple Syrup Mob xxxxx

  3. Aww bless, I bet you nearly had a heart attack on the spot. It's so funny how they are different. I have three brothers born in my house, nothing untoward happened as kittens but one is petrified of people and bright coloured slippers??? I know, strange puss lol x

  4. I am glad everything went well at the vet's, and Red was able to make it safely back to his litter box.

  5. Thank goodness there wasn't a hold up coming home and Red made it to his litter box in time.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  6. Well done, Red - you were a very brave boy.
    Purrs ... Rainbow

  7. Oh, Red! We don't like going to the vet, either, so we don't blame you. You did great, and now you don't have to go again for another 18 months.

  8. Our purrs ta Red! We are all completely different when we are at the Vet's place, too!

  9. Me neither like to go to the Vet !
    Efurrytime I´m there they stabb me with the needle , sure glad it only happens once a year :)
    Glad yo made it home in time to visit the litterbox :)

  10. I am sorry to hear that you can not get a medical waver for the vaccine, that must really stink. I hope all goes well with future visits and no more bad reactions.

    How interesting to have a student vet there to hear new and different things like this. I once had a student doctor at my exam.. it was a wee bit weird because it was my woman's exam and I had on nothing but a paper gown, but hey, they have to learn some how..

  11. its scary going to the vets some time's,Thank you for my well wishes while I was Poorly,I am much better now,xx Speedy


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