Thursday, 23 February 2012


Once again Red displayed his feartie credentials. He was sitting with me when there was a commotion outside. It turned out to be two numpty neds bawling and posturing up at someone's window in the next building. Even though we are close to a main route we are fairly light on entertainment here and so even a couple of muttonheads shouting counts as a 'bit of excitement'.

Given the rarity of street theatre, on both occasions when I went to have a wee nosy, Red fled from the room. The first time he came back but on the second occasion he'd gone to ground and was very much Missing-in-Inaction.

Magic on the other hand was sleeping on the chair under that window, only woke when I knelt on the chair to have a better look and was utterly unfussed.

I'm guessing that if Red were human his career choices would certainly not include anything security related. I cannot imagine him being a very credible witness with a statement along the lines of "I've no idea what happened as I had my big angora paws over my eyes and ears..."!