Thursday, 18 September 2014

Cuddle Therapy

Magic is doing ok-ish. Her blood sugars remain shockingly high despite a change to insulin glargine and escalating doses. I am delighted she seems robust and resilient but now is the time to let the treatment work.
She is such a chilled puss that on the way home from the vet school I decided to chance taking her to see my Mother in her care home. She adores Magic and it is just a pity she cannot have an animal with her but sadly she can barely look after herself. It is a lovely place and often the staff with bring in their dogs and let the residents pet them. There is no official therapy pet scheme in places but they are very open to having animals there.
The home were happy to accommodate my feline companion and, though my Mother's memory is poor, she loved having Magic there as she did all the sweet scratches and kisses she used to do with her.
Magic was so well behaved and a very gracious lady content to sit beside my Mum. When we came back up from the conservatory she was happy to be taken out of her travel box to be cuddled by some of the staff and was relaxed enough to nibble and groom their hair.

Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Basket Case

You all know how wussy my sweet Red is around strangers especially anyone who may come into the house. Magic sometimes growls like an Alsatian if someone comes to the door but the boy panics.
Recently, I was trimming Magic's nails before we went to the vet hospital so I evicted Red from the bedroom into the hall. All doors were closed except the bathroom and kitchen as there are no hidey holes there and I could put him back in the room when I went out without searching for him.

While I was persuading Magic into her manicure, this one was with towel this time, someone knocked loudly on the door and I heard a bit of a clatter. I was annoyed at being disturbed but got up inly to find there seemed to be no-one at the door. Oddly I didn't notice Red on my trip to the door and it is only a short L shaped hallway. Anyway, I continued on with Magic's nail trim and whoever had been at the door returned and dropped something through the letterbox.

Nails done and Magic placed in her box I set about looking for the errant boy who seemed to be missing which was a bit perplexing. Till I realised the kitchen door was closed and he was banging it to be let out. He had not only gone to hide in there but he'd actually managed to shut the door behind him in fear of the unknown door knocker. This time it wasn't Magic rolling her eyes at him it was me!

Sunday, 7 September 2014

High Numbers and High Five

Despite all the initially positive signs Magic's diabetes is not going into remission as evidenced by her escalating blood sugars which have reached 30+mmol/l. She has had her insulin gradually increased but it is failing to stop the rise and such persistent hyperglycaemia is really worrying to me as I know how damaging this is.
I email her latest readings to her vet each day and have done another curve but I am anxious for action over observation. Her vet and I have shared our thoughts and I can appreciate her caution. I too am terrified in case anything goes wrong and Magic has an unobserved hypo as it will have been me that administered the fatal dose. However, this really needs intervention now and I am not sure what this week will bring.
She seems other wise well in herself but for some reason only known to her she keeps seeking cold places to lie and sleep.
 In more cheerful news the fluffy boy reached the grand age of five - woo hoo! Doesn't he look very serious now he's all growed-up?
If I reflect back to his first birthday and his daredevil antics it is nothing short of a miracle he's survived. On the day he got a toy spider, lots of playing with and plenty of crunchy treats to celebrate. Hardly very generous but there was nothing else I could get him as he lacks for nothing in his life which I think is probably better than any birthday present.
The pic below is where I found him one day when I came home from work. Thankfully, Magic was pointing out he was under the covers otherwise I'd probably have sat on him to get changed as normally never goes under the quilt. Five years on he still gets himself in dangerous situations, so thank goodness wise Magic is looking out for him, even if she isn't his bosom buddy.
Even though he is a big boycat now he still looks like a wide eyed kitten to me.