Tuesday, 5 August 2014


You haven't seen much of this boy on the blog recently. While Magic has been getting all her care he has been a little star and I've been making sure he gets his full quota of cuddles and sweet talk. However, he is in BIG trouble with me......
....You all know how much I love my floofy boycat but right now I am plotting various assaults upon his little angora person. Why, you might reasonably ask? Well, he's shedding what seems like a polar bear amount of balls of soft fluff which is rolling up and down my hall like tumbleweed, coating every single surface he looks at and lodging itself in clumps on the carpets. Don't let this cute face fool you.
No matter how much I vacuum within seconds he's replacing the stuff I sucked up. Every time I hear the familiar 'doof, doof, doof, doof, doof' as he scratches another chunk of fur out of his neck I can feel my heart sink. Lifting him for a cuddle or being swiped by his tail as he passes means you spend ages trying picking his almost invisible hairs from your mouth, skin, clothes and eyelashes.

I have tried brushing him but he only allows his face and neck to be brushed if he can hold the brush. It also must be one of my hairbrushes, for some nutty reason.
Sweet he might be but the we are rapidly disappearing under a blanket of ultra-soft floaty fluff which gets everywhere. It is not good for him either as he's been yakking up some substantial furballs these past couple of mornings.
Currently, as he wont let me brush him properly, I'm debating taking him to the hairdressers with a picture of a Sphinx cat and asking them to style him pretty....!
 If you do feel the need to call the SSPCA to come and rescue him due to my threats......
....just make sure you tell them to bring an extra big pet brush and a great big tranquilliser dart for the gibbering woman clutching the vacuum and muttering "out, out damned fur" in the style of Lady MacBeth !
 Till then, while I am trying to live under a haze of the floatiest cat hair the culprit sleeps the sleep of the innocent....!


  1. I bet Red is shedding so much because he is stressed out about Magic and your having to worry so much about Magic's care. Yes, we do shed more when we are stressed! So you can imagine what my human looks like after she has taken me to the vet! ;-)

  2. Ditto here. Mummy Polly is our culprit, like Red she sheds her fur in chunks and they stick to the carpet like glue, even hoovering sometimes won't shift them. Again like Red, she isn't keen on being brushed and even when I do not a lot come off, its like it only come out in tufts when it feels like it. lol
    I've had short hair cats all my life and this is the first time I've experienced it, Rowan and Rupert are long haired but they don't seem to shed lumps, saying that my house is one big fur ball anyway.
    But do you know what ....I don't care..

  3. Same here, four dogs (one long haired) three cats and my back thrown out. I can only hope someone rescues me from behind the tumbleweed as everyone else (all boys) are oblivious to it grrrr.

    So when you've finished hoovering do you fancy popping down to mine?

  4. Oh he's just leaving you lots of presents. Yeah, that argument doesn't work with our mom either.

  5. Way to go Red! Tumbleweeds rule!!
    Love Pippa Oscar Zoe Fleur Sydney Jacob Duncan Heathcliff Abigail Imogen Gwendoline William and Madelaine.

  6. Mum says Hannah only has to blink and there's a pile of fur left behind her working it's way into the carpet!
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  7. Orinj an white make any cat look good! ~ Marley

  8. One of Mommy's sweet kitties liked the suckey attachment on her canister vac. We don't have one now, as we have tile floors. But Mommy has been tempted to save up monies and get one, as I shed lots.
    ps. I love my Furminator!


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