Wednesday, 2 December 2009

Vet Visit

Red went for his second injection tonight. It went well and didnt hurt him too much. He was a little star and let the vet do it without a fuss.

The worst bit was the car journey which he detests. I find it really hard with him in the car as he keeps letting out piteously heartbreaking little cries. He seems to do this any time he is in the car and not just when he is on the way to the vet.

Normally around the house Red is very independent and doesnt really rely on human company. However, I noticed tonight at the vet's when the receptionists were cooing over him and talking to him, he kept his eyes very firmly fixed on me through the side of his box. During the consultation he also just kept cuddling into me at the side of the side of the table. So it seems that not only is he very comfy in his home environment, feeling free enough not to need constant reassurance from the humans, but he also knows that when he is feeling unsure we are there for him! Awww.

Biggest shock of the night wasn't the bill, surprisingly this time. It was the fact that he now weighs 1445g. Nearly 1.5kg! Not terribly surprised given how much he eats, but putting on over 50% of body weight in three weeks?!? Heaven help us when he gets to be full size. Although my lovely colleague who gave him to us suspects it was a maurading ginger tom who molested her sweet lady cats I now think I need to go back and check she doesnt live near a zoo with a lax policy on keeping the tigers enclosed of an evening!

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