Sunday, 13 December 2009

The bluetack years

Something I'd forgotten from the early days of Magic's life with us. She was fascinated by things going over an edge, almost pathologically so, and though it rarely happens now she still occasionally indulges her passion. She very, very delicately and ever so gently advances the item millimetre by millimetre towards the precipice until inevitability and gravity take over and it lands with a crash.

This was the undoing of the three little halloween ghosts candle holder. They were referred to as the WhooHoo ghosts and were very cute. They had been bought at a candle party at a friend's house and were brought out each year. Now there are only two WhooHoo's behind the little candle holders. They were found one Saturday morning broken on the floor of the living room with no one around. After we'd discounted a localised earthquake centred on one corner of the tv unit Magic was in the frame. As there were only two left and the third was a mass of smashed porcelain we checked Magic had not sustained any cuts or injury and could find nothing. So the mess was cleared and the lost ghost lamented.

This was also the day the decision was taken to remove all moveable items and ornaments within her reach or to bluetack it. The clock was bluetacked to the tv, a couple of ornaments were bluetacked to some surfaces to take the empty look off the place, the tv zapper was bluetacked to the shelf at night so that it could be found the next day etc. We went through quite a lot of bluetack obviously!

This week as I watched Red run round the tv and poke his paw underneath it and begin to help some small items over the edge I recalled with dread and trepidation the first two years of Magic's life. The spectre of the WhooHoo ghost waved past my eyes waggling a pack of bluetack in it's hand and laughing heartily.....

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