Sunday, 13 December 2009

IKEA rocks and memories of little velcro

At my Christmas night out we were all catching up on what had been happening in our lives, and there was loads to catch up on. One subject was that a few of us had new comings and goings in terms of pets. There was a flurry of cameraphone activity as the beloved beasts were all shared and admired.

One very sad event was the loss of a little Cavalier King Charles. She was an absolute honey who had died following a short illness and is very sorely missed by her family. She is also sadly missed by those of us who had also known her. I was reminded by my friend that I had also once christened her dog 'velcro' after an evening at her house where the little dog spent the entire night glued the length of my thigh as I was sitting on 'her' seat on the sofa. I'd entirely forgotten about this but it was lovely memory to share.

Another friend recommended the pet tunnel from IKEA as her cat adores it and it folds flat when not in use. I made a trip to the store on Sat as I also needed some gauzy curtains to replace the ripped ones (the less said about that the better!) until the blinds man can come and sort them out in the new year. The play tunnel is a nylon and wire structure which has two crinkly sections and a hole in the middle to dangle a toy through. I also bought a jingly snake on a stick and 'three blind mice' from the supermarket.

Well, Magic had a good play of all the toys then, after her quality control role, went to sleep alternately in her radiator hammock or under the radiator in the hall. Red on the other hand, spent almost the entire afternoon and evening playing with all the toys rolling in and out and through the tunnel. He energy was inexhaustable. Magic eventually came back and, as it looked like Red was having a ball, she took up squatter's rights which lead to some big frights and some mad chasing. So, well done to my friend for the recommendation - the IKEA play tunnel does indeed rock!

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