Monday, 7 December 2009

Sleeping Beauty

Red has been a little horror today. He has terrorised Magic and chased her from one end of the house to another and then sat staring her out. He is now getting bigger and she is so gentle with him. She obviously knows he is a kitten, but I am begining to wish she'd either give him a warning nip he might take heed of or just sit on him! Instead she climbs as high as possible and hides in a cupboard or on top of the wardrobe. This is fine for her but only likely to prove a tempting challenge to Red as his little legs grow.

His worst crime against Magic today was to slap her face or bottom as she tried to use her litter box. Her box has a hood and he sits on top of it when she goes in, leads over the edge and pokes and slaps her. The poor beast isn't getting peace to pee now let alone anything else. In fact at night when we head off to bed she looks at me as if to say "Thank Goodness that thing is in the other room. Finally I can just stretch out and relax".

He has also sorely tested the patience of the humans and is back to thinking his name is "Red! DOWN!". He has clambered over, under, into and through places no-one would have thought possible, he has shinned up the cheese plant behind the tv numerous times, he has attacked the ruined curtains again and tried to get in the washing machine AND the dishwasher. He is also a dab hand at clearing the bedside table in the room he sleeps in.

All in all, he has been looking like a candidate for rehoming today. Then tonight he got tired (halleluia) and the little face above made our heart melt - at least until tomorrow when the furry tornado gets his second wind!
PS: yes, those paws are as big as they look. I measured from his wrist to paw tip and it is exactly the length of my index finger. To put this into context, this is the same length as Magic's paws yet he is only 3months versus her at 6yrs old.

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