Friday, 18 December 2009

Tufty Club

The name of this post is a dreadful giveaway to my age. At school we had the Tufty Club to teach road safety, which officially identifies me as a fossil.

Anyway, all this is a digression, as Red looks like he will be a semi-longhaired cat I reckoned it was a good idea to begin introducing him to a comb and brush to get him used to being groomed. Right now his coat is just soft, angora-feeling fluff barely covering his fragile little bones and body but with time it will probably toughen up and need more care.

It is early days and not hugely successful as he generally chews the comb/brush or just wants to play which is no surprise. However, at the weekend both cat and comb were to hand and, as he was sleepy, I thought I'd very gently comb him to make the association with a soothing ritual. But then my wicked side took over and I very gently 'styled' his coat...! He really isn't impressed with his new Tufty look is he?

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