Saturday, 9 March 2013

Zylkene Trial - Days 9-18

Dose Given - half a capsule

This seems to be the right daily dose. Red is more settled and a bit braver about the outside world without being too spaced to communicate. He has managed not to bolt when the postman puts mail through the letter box, he is braver about going into the garden and all things considered he seems less shocked and startled about every little noise outside, choosing instead to go to the window to investigate. If the noise is loud or sudden he still reacts but he comes back more rapidly to investigate. I am guessing at his thoughts now, but he seems to look at his human and feline housemates and think 'hmmm, they've not moved and the noise is still there.....maybe, this is not as dangerous as I thought..."

The only small concern I have is that I don't think he is eating as much at the first feed when the bowls go down. Although he is a skinny puff of fur he is normally very demanding about his food and always has first dibs while Magic holds back. His lack of nutrition previously was around him only licking the gravy or jelly off the food but having gone back to Gourmet he has been eating the meat better. Now although he demands his dinner he seems to take smaller portions. This doesn't seem to have caused much weight loss, or enough to be a concern as there is food available all day and night. I think instead that this drug is just causing him to be more relaxed and satisfied earlier in his feed. On balance though being more relaxed is probably better for him so long as he maintains a reasonable weight.

In contrast to his ordinary cat food the Lik-e-lix is going down a storm so much so that he whines and squeals when I come home till the bowl with the LeL and zylkene is set down. He absolutely licks the bowl clean, following it around the kitchen floor until every smear is gone. I don't intend him to be on the drug for life but suspect I may be terrorised and held hostage by my fluffy friend until I sign in blood that the Lik-e-lix, aka nectar of the God's, is going to be a permanent feature whether he needs the drug or not.

Verdict is that this drug seems to be helping him over whatever was causing him to be so anxious. Plan will be to continue him for a month to try to embed the relaxed behaviour and let him re-learn that visitors and every little noise is not always a clear and present danger. After that I'll review it and consider tapering it off.

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