Saturday, 9 March 2013

The sun is out and the garden is officially open

The first bit of sun this year which wasn't glinting off some snow encouraged me to hang out my first wash of the year last week and let the cats come out with me. Both seemed to love it. Magic was all business, as usual, checking everything out including the neighbour's shed! Once she'd decided everything was safe she stalked up the garden to take up residence on the bench for guard duty and a bit of sunbathing.

Red was so keen to go out he showed none of his usual reserve. This was probably due to the drug he is on which is reducing his anxiety, which is why after scooting out and having a good look he seemed to stop dead, think for a second or two and bolt back in the patio door to beat the life out of the dining room door so that he could escape to the bedroom to look at the garden from the window. It seems like the drug helps him overcome his fear of initiating activities but, once over the first steps, he suddenly thinks "Oh no, WHAT am I DOING". However, he seemed to gain courage to go back out again after I picked him up for a snuggle and some sweet words while carrying him back through and setting him down near the patio doors. Admittedly, I did this four or five times but each time he became more relaxed and on the last one he was struggling to get down so that he could get to the garden quicker.

 Red on the steps. Magic is on the bench midway down the garden
 Red on the steps
 Magic on the bench surveying her kingdom

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