Saturday, 9 March 2013

Sweet beverage

Little Red was in his latest favourite place; lying on the dining table across one of my arms between me and the laptop. As I read the papers online he purred and stretched. This caused his paw to make contact with the outside of my glass of Cherry Pepsi Max and ice. The condensation on the outside seemed to fascinate him.

He clearly thought "this is a bit new..." and, as his paw was wet, he licked it. He then stopped for a moment before gingerly touching the outside of the glass again to mop up the cool condensation for another little pawful. He did this twice more before getting adventurous and leaning up to try to pop his paw over the rim of the glass to see what was inside. This is where the fun stopped and I rescued his paw before he could tip over the tall glass. I, for one, certainly didn't fancy wearing half a litre of ice cold Pepsi and some melting ice cubes..and I bet Red wouldn't have either. I also suspect that in the ensuing panic one of us would have been left with some decent scratches.....! As it was by disengaging his paw early enough we were both left warm, dry and entertained by a condensation frosted glass and a gentle little cat's curiosity.

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