Sunday, 13 June 2010

Just Chillin' and Domestic Chores

I am sure you if you have read any of this blog you will have worked out that I am somone who goes to great lengths to look after and care about their cats. So when the other human shouted through to say "did you put the cat in the freezer...?" a week or so ago I was concerned. Quite apart from the ridiculous nature of the question I felt I had to go through and check what was going on as I had been defrosting the freezer. There I found Magic happily ensconced on a warm towel inside the open freezer and toasting herself on the little fan heater which I was using to speed up the process. Who said cats are daft?
Magic has never been interested in open domestic applicances normally but Red is fascinated. Therefore since he came we always ensure the washing machine, dishwasher, cupboards etc are shut to ensure he doesnt crawl in or come to harm. Yet, even though in both of the pictures above I was standing beside him doing the housework he still managed to wrap himself in a toilet roll packet and sneak in the dishwasher just as I was emptying it. You can still see the dinner knife in the cutlery holder and the plate above as I hadn't even finished.
Never mind him using up his nine lives he is frightening me out of mine....

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