Sunday, 13 June 2010

Christmas Catch-Up

I know it is very late to do a Christmas catch up but better late than never. I havent even managed to see one of my oldest friends as Christmas was so busy we put our meeting off till the new year and still havent managed to see each other.

Red's first Christmas was a hoot. We delayed putting up the Christmas tree as he was very intent on exploring at that age and reluctant to give up on any kind of challenge. So we reckoned, rightly as it turned out, that the tree would be a victim. There were many instances of the tree wobbling and looking like it was having a seizure as he shinned up it. All attempts to drag him out or teach him not to do it were pointless. So we got used to the tree doing the salsa as we watched tv. For extra fun the shiny baubles became fab footballs to be dribbled up and down the house and the tinsel was some kind of festive monster needing killed. The pictures seem to tell it all.

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