Sunday, 13 June 2010

Changing Faces

As I am rifling through all my pictures of Red and Magic over the last few months it is clear how much the little one has changed. Magic stays the same but Red's little features have become more adult as the time has gone on from little scaredy curious kitten to a cat. So I thought I'd show some comparison shots of him changing and a couple of Magic as she deserves to be displayed beside him too. The picture with both of them is a bit of a con as neither can see each other over the folded over duvet. This means Red can get close to Magic but Magic does not have to see him- ideal!
One shot I havent got yet is of him under my study chair at the desk he is sitting at in the last shots. Because of his colouring when he peeps out he looks for all the world like a little barn owl. I'll work on getting this for the blog.

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