Sunday, 13 June 2010

Christmas Presents

I admit it I am one of those soppy owners who buy their animals christmas presents. I excuse it as just coincidence as they were obviously needing the item/s in question and they just happen to be in the shops, but I think that is stretching the truth.

Magic is a dead loss to buy for. She likes her radiator seat and paper carrier bag handles and that is it. Here favourite thing is just to chill out or cuddle upThis is not much fun for a willling owner but she is so lovely and comforting to be with.
Red on the other hand loves toy mice, bag handles, bouncey toys, crinkly name it he likes it. He even loves the washing airer despite many stern tellings off adn fall from it. Anyway, with this in mind I bought him a snakey game where a ball rolls around a tube with holes in it. You can see it peeping out from under his crinkle tunnel in piccie two and in the end picture although it is a little fuzzy. And OMG (how teenage is that!) he loves it. Even now 6months on he will play with it for ages. He can hear it from any room in the house even if you accidentally kick it he comes racing in to see who is playingwith his best toy. The other human in the house often play with it with him and I dont know who is the maddest as they both try to out do each other!!! Exasperatedly, I often say "Dear goodness human, you know how this game will not get the ball out...!" but I am told to shut up as they are both having fun. Well, that's me told!

Magic got a cat spa from the same company and neither of them like it. You can see it in the fuzzy picture. It has been nothing but an obstruction on the floor. I am going to donate it to the local cat and dog home for their play area that they let the cats into as hopefully somone will find a use for it.

They also got a drinking water fountain. I havent used it much as I hate having to take it apart to clean it out and I need to switch it off at night as the burbling bothers me. This is a little ironic as I've bought relaxation cds in the past that made exactly the same noise! Anyway within a few hrs Red had got the point and used it but Magic still looks at it like the work of the devil. I'll unearth it and try it again over the summer as the fresh, filtered water might be more to their taste in the hot weather.

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