Tuesday, 24 November 2009

Taking a stretch

Even in the two weeks he has been with us Red is growing. You can see it in his torso as he is getting longer which is beginning to look a little odd as he has not grown up the way at the same rate.

I noticed it a few days ago as scooping him up with one hand was easy as he was effectively just a hairy ball of fluff. Now he needs picked up 'properly' by stretching your hand out under him to support his little body. He also jumps differently, more like a cat now, instead of the launch and land like a sack of spuds technique that he had earlier.

It is nice to see him growing and I look forward to seeing him hopefully grow into a great big tom cat. However, I will miss these precious days of him toddling about with his tiny cute face and wide eye look, silky fluffy fur and dinky little body.

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