Tuesday, 17 November 2009

Playing chases

Tonight when I came in from work the two cats came to greet me. As usual I spent some time greeting Magic and then tried to capture Red for a cuddle but he was too full of nonsense and haring around the place.

As we had a Chinese meal the human's priority was to get the food on the plates while it was hot. While we were plating up what we wanted to eat the two cats were running around which is a bit of a novelty for Magic as she only occasionally indulges in moving any faster than a saunter. I was keeping an eye on them as usually any fast movements tend mean Magic is after Red to deliver a telling off. However, on this occasion, Magic was chasing Red through the hall and he was shooting under the kitchen stool while she stopped at the kitchen door, but as soon as she stopped and turned away he sped after her and she obligingly turned to chase him.

I realised, with delight, that they were actually playing chases! It didnt last long before a half-hearted hissing came about but they were actually playing for a good couple of runs. I couldn't have been happier as it meant there is a budding relationship there and Magic is possibly begining to see Red as less of a threat or annoyance if she is prepared to play with him.

Another up-side is that I won't have to play chases anymore. I like to think of myself as a good pet owner. I do think it is somewhat unnatural to keep a pet exclusively as a house cat but my animals are deeply loved, want for nothing and are kept stimulated with human contact and allowed to set the balance of contact versus sleeping/lazing. Therefore, sometimes at the weekend, if Magic is feeling boisterous I do play chases with her, stalking her round corners and 'capturing' her on the bed before letting her escape to do it all again. I do feel like an utter wally playing chases with the cat but she likes it, it gives her some exercise and keeps some of the cat instincts going. If Magic and Red can find a playful side to each other this will let me off the hook! A benefit I hadn't even thought about but one I like!

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