Sunday, 22 November 2009

Peeps and Poops

You cannot own an animal without considering of the logical outcome of feeding them. Magic is very clean and not too prolific in the bathroom department, pees twice a day and poops every second day. She is also regards toileting as frightfully declasse which is probably why she doesnt go too often.

I often ask her as she exits her litter box whether it was a peep or a poop to give me an idea if it needs dealt with and she gives me a withering look that clearly says "peasant"! However, there is a pattern which works better than asking her. She generally goes at the same time each day and when it is a solid she passes she stops briefly outside the box then races off at 110mph- easy! She also doesn't cover it with litter as there is no way on earth she is spending any longer in there with THAT, than is absolutely necessary. This means if you dont lift it straight away the house honks. I'm also a bit obsessive and diffuse lavender oil which neutralises it effectively unlike the commercial products.

Litter box cleaning is not too hard as I use the litter packs which come complete and include a liner, absorbent pad and deodorising litter. This means they need changed less often, dont stink to high heaven and changing it doesn't alway require scrubbing out the tray, Miltoning it, rinsing copiously and drying thoroughly. Instead it is a simple case of lifting out he old one and replacing with full cleans only needed every few changes. It is dearer but for the convenience is worth it.

I knew Red was litter trained but we needed to make sure he knew where the 'facilities' were in his new home. I made sure there were two litter trays for him and they were always in the room he was in. I bought kitten sized trays for his little stumpy legs, bought soft cat-o-let litter because it is made of paper and would be soft on his little delicate paws, liners for his tray to allow us to change the shallow litter daily or twice daily as needed. The minute he passes any solids they are lifted immediately.

He is a one kitten sewage farm and I am certain passes more than he eats which given his appetite is saying something. He was well trained by his mother cat to bury's what he passes which is good, but then you need to find it. He also has terrible wind. He passes the silent but violent kind and usually when you have him in your arms. It is truly awful and can stink out a room like a boxer dog - a friend and relative both had or have boxers and this is the best analogy I can think of!

Red, as usual, is every bit his own man. He uses the kitten trays provided but prefers Magic's big litter box with the high sides and jaggy, gritty litter! Either that or Magic has started passing tiny skinny little stools 4 times a day and burying them. I knew he was using her litter tray to poop but didnt think he was doing it almost full time until last night I thought I smelt cat urine- eeeek! I knew Magic's shouldn't be needing changed but checked it and lo and behold the source of the stench was revealed. So, back to the drawing board. I now need a big puss lidded litter tray and to start using the all in one litter with him too.

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