Thursday, 19 November 2009

Red is becoming a real handful. Even in the short time he had been here he has begun showing just exactly what he is made of. He now regularly charges at Magic with a raised paw, tries to bite her tail, climbs up the scratch post to her radiator hammock and leers at her with his head upside down over the edge of the hammock. I am hopeful they will become friends or at least tolerate each other but he is so cheeky that I cannot bring myself to reprimand Magic when she swats his head as he climbs up to annoy her. It doesnt even bother him, he simply sprackles down then climbs up again. He loves jumping up to places and when he comes down he normally lands on all four paws like a sack of spuds.

Everything is a climbing toy. He loves tightrope walking over the clothes airer, he's fallen off but learns no lesson. Tonight he scrambled up to an unreasonable height for a wee cat as he had seen Magic do it and took it as a personal challenge. He was too high and inaccessible for me to grab him so in his own sweet time he sauntered down and decided to jump the last part. He landed on a table to with a dreadful bang and I was terrified to look as I was sure he'd have done himself an injury, but no he gave himself a shake and sped off again.

I suspect I shall be grey haired, exhausted and need treating for an anxiety related disorder before he makes it to a year old. This is always supposing the SAS of the kitten world hasn't tried to kill himself in the meantime.

I did ask my colleague to choose me the kitten with the nature closest to Magic's and who would be all chilled and restful. In fact I may have used the words 'I want the dim one who gets the message four seconds behind the rest'! I was very specific that I didnt want any kitten that could be described as 'spirited' or 'a bit of a character'. She delivered the perfect puss for us. He is very chilled, relaxed and sociable. He plays beautifully and any little nibbles of your fingers are always swiftly licked better. Far from being dim he is wickedly intelligent and has us wound round his little dew claw. I couldn't ask for a more beautiful or adorable kitten and think he will grow up to be an absolute gentleman of a cat but ONLY if he gives up climbing, abseiling and base-jumping.

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