Saturday, 19 October 2013

So sorry for the interruption in service

Time to get back and enjoy my blogs again. A couple of times in the past couple of months I have drafted a post that has been in my head or made the odd comment. Unfortunately, as much as I hoped to find time to blog some new disaster or worry befell us.

I have really missed blogging but difficult and frightening events have evolved this year and had to be dealt with. As often happens at these times additional problems take the opportunity to compound the situation. Small plateaus of relief more often than not turned out to be precipices to the next tumble. You'll note I refuse to use the popular euphemism that tries to reframe problems as 'challenges'; my view is that situations that have no chance of resolving well, no matter what is decided, are simply problems and should be acknowledged as such. 

I know everyone has to face unexpected illness and the unknown. No life is lived in joy alone so we just have to do whatever we have to do to sustain ourselves and those we love during the bad times. Friends and colleagues have brought light, caring and practical and emotional support. I'm so immensely grateful to them for helping me keep going and to have been able to cling to them to haul us from the gloom. Some good or fun things have happened but when the default setting is serious they just seemed to get rather overshadowed.

This blog is one of my happy places for dwelling on the good so for now suffice to say I'm just happy to be able to return to be among the fab Cat Blogosphere bloggers. Special love to Hannah and Lucy's mum and Jacqueline who invited me not just to blog quietly with their very kind encouragement. The joy of winning Carolyn's 'Coppers' blog competition and being able to do a random act of kindness in return was great just before things got overwhelming at the end of May. Love also to the kind bloggers and followers who have commented on this blog and were a joy to read. Guys it feels great to finally be back among you.

I'd joined Bloglovin in the beginning of May and have been using it to allow me to scan my favourite blogs, when I could, but I haven't had time to be able to fully read and interact much for which I hope you'll forgive me. I'd hoped to be able to catch up on everyone's blogs properly all in one go but, as my short blog absence became a long one, I think I just need to restart and contribute from now.

During my blogging absence there have been very few pics of my furry friends taken but I'll endeavour to resume normal service with words and pictures. The cats are both well. Red is as daft as ever but remains an adorable little angora ball. Magic has been her usual caring and solicitous self making sure she is by my side when I most need a cat cuddle. 

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