Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Mani Pedi for cats

My shoulders are currently torn to shreds as I have been so busy that I haven't got round to cutting the cats nails and both love to 'hang on tight' to me when we cuddle. Both of them have their nails cut regularly since kitten-hood to stop them shredding the humans or the furniture. It would be only fair to say that sometimes it goes better than others!

I pick up the intended victim and produce the clippers:......

A 'good' day

Both cats put up a little half hearted resistance with a couple of disinterested miaows, just for appearance's sake.
Both allow me to trim their nails without wild howling, indiscriminate bids for freedom or hiding in inaccessible places.
They don't require to be swaddled up in a bath towel
Both cats appear to have all four paws accessible
Afterwards some snuggles and soothing happens

A 'less good' day

This involves procuring a bath towel and wrangling them into it. The victim is picked up and they unleash a storm of protest and gymnastics akin to crocodile wrestling. Bearing in mind the nails are still intact means the furry adversary has a trump card weapon and not getting them into the right position can result in me coming off worst. If I get the upper hand they somehow manage to hide a leg and I am left rootling about under the towel for the missing limb with the long toenails while keeping the cat swaddled in towel and preventing escape.

One of three outcomes is possible on a less good day: 1. the cat acquiesces to my force of will, and very grudgingly allows the enforced manicure while administering the death stare, letting out ferociously threatening growls and poised for flight if I give an inch. 2. they escape and flee under the bed whereupon they've won this round 3. either the cat becomes too distressed or is rendering my skin into bloody fringes, in this case we call a truce.

Most times it goes ok and ends with some loving cuddles and much praising but as always with cats there is no telling which way they plan to play the game which I suppose is the fun bit about living with cats.

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  1. I don't mind mani-pedis all that much, nor does Boodie. Binga complains loudly, but my human is quick and usually manages to get all or most of the front paws done. On a good day, she'll get the back claws too.


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