Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Sometimes love hurts

Red has decided the best way to express love is to clout the object of his affections on the forehead....and unfortunately I am his favoured one. He has always been the type of cat who gently came up and rubbed cheeks with you in greeting. That was all very mannerly and sweet, and in all other aspects he is the sweetest and most delicate gentleman. However, as he has got older, he has modified this and become a bit more 'direct' in expressing his affection...and it has become more 'Glasgow kiss' than 'meeting of like minds'. The only blessing is that he is a light little cat otherwise he'd do some damage and I never wish to go to work with a black eye and an implausible tale about the cat being responsible.....!

In the style of those old "Love is..." cartoons that were popular many years ago, I cannot ever recall one that said "Love is....giving your beloved concussion".
As I write this it actually reminds me of a great big cat called Cheeky who lived in the flat upstairs who used to come calling on us most days. He was a 23yr old bruiser of a Ginger Tom with a head like a football and we adored him and his visits. He was a total Godfather character and used to do a security check round our flat until he was satisfied, before he'd accept his treats and cuddles. Despite being in his 20's and living on the third floor he'd claimed the back court as his territory almost immediately when they moved in by duffing up the locals in very short order.
Our old cat used to freak when he came in so we kept them well separated. We did try introducing them once but it didn't go well...she hissed and he walloped her...and that was the end of a beautiful relationship. 
Anyway, Cheeky was good at giving very solid head bumps which my Mother hadn't twigged till  the first time he stunned her and knocked her glasses off. She thought he was going to be like our little lady cat and was all affronted. My sis and I collapsed laughing because we'd both sussed that this might be his style. Every morning when Cheeky called he used to use his head to pound on the front door to let us know he wanted in....the clue was in the thud which sounded like a human knocking! Fond memories of brilliant character.


  1. this post so reminds me of our Alex. He originally gave soft, gentle headbutts but then as he got older they got stronger and stronger

  2. I like to give the mom headbutts she won't forget!


  3. Charlie sounds like a great character, Red, we are glad you are continuing his legacy hehe!

  4. I had to laugh at this because Nicki, who's overweight at about 13 pounds, gives HARD head-butts and always has. I mean, he can really wallop me. I've learned to moved my head back a bit when he does this, so he doesn't do damage. LOL. It's actually nice, in an odd way, to read that other cats are as rough too!

  5. We rub our cheeks against Mommy too and we let her kiss them as well; of course she adores our affectionate nature!!...We know handsome Red just doesn't realize his mancatly strength while giving you loving rubs!MOL...Love the memories of Cheeky, he sounds like a real sweetheart!...Have a great Tuesday, darling friends...kisses...Calle, Halle, Sukki

  6. We had such a good laugh learning about Cheeky! What a character.
    Just imagine the look of your co-workers when they hear you say "Cat gave me the black eye". Hahahaha.

  7. Thank you all for sharing your great memories and experiences of living with a cat who confuses love with contact sports. I cringe at Nicki at 13lbs and am glad you've perfected a decent ducking reflex. You are all obviously saying things are only going to get worse as he gets older too, and I am in no danger of forgetting his brand of love.

    Red is certainly emerging as a mancat beneath all his candy floss fur so I need to beware.

    As regards my colleagues buying 'the cat did it' line I think the answer would be along the lines of "Aye, RIGHT!"

    Big Cheeky was a brilliant cat. What I forgot to add, as I only remembered it this morning, was that he was stone deaf with dreadful cataracts...neither of which held him back in any way.

  8. Lucy often stands on my and we are nose to nose!
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx


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