Friday, 12 April 2013

Blanket Boycott

The boy is not happy, in fact he is so unhappy he is having a huff....and the reason for the huff....? Oh, the huff centres on the blanket on the sofa.

Magic initially claimed this space as ideal. It is comfy, warm, gives excellent visibility to the garden and defence from sneak attacks. Red followed her lead and laid claim to it. This meant, if her despised housemate liked it, then she certainly didn't!

Anyway, the blanket got washed, dried and returned. Clearly, it doesn't smell the way it did before, so it is now being boycotted!

He really hasn't grasped the point of washing items, has he?


  1. Why would you want to boycott a snuggly warm blankie or a cosy cushion for bunny kicking?
    You'll miss out on all the fun.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  2. Clearly you two have thought this through carefully and come to the right conclusion.

  3. aww, he is cute!

    Those are three north staffordshire oatcakes with cheese underneath the pile of beans - delicious! I'm glad you enjoyed my blog. Recent posts are from the Yorkshire Dales as we stayed with my boyfriends parents that was for a few days last week but mostly, my blog is full of peak district adventure :)


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