Saturday, 13 April 2013

Just press the Red button on your remote

I had the tv on and Jamie Oliver was waxing lyrical about how fast you could make a gourmet meal, I think this one was down to 15mins. I am just waiting for the day he presents a series showing viewers how to make a delicious midweek meal that can self prepare in the 3minutes from the moment people put their key in the front door to deciding they can't face cooking anything. 

This episode caught my eye as I absolutely love soup, and Asian seafood broths are just the food of the angels as far as I am concerned, with Yo Sushi's Spicy Seafood Udon reserved for the highest order of merit. As I only had it on in the background I'd missed what he was up to so brought up the tv guide at just the same moment Red decided to leap up and try out as a tv star.

My Father's frequent war cry from when one of us would wander past his ultra boring Saturday football viewing came to mind.... "You make a great door but your are hopeless as a window, now get out of the road!"


  1. Replies
    1. You are absolutely spot on there. The boy who can hear a pin drop appears to have gone deaf....!

  2. You are a pretty kitty, and no reason why you shouldn't be there. Kitties don't listen to the humans. Hope you have a great evening.

  3. Cat tv is much more interesting than any network show anyway.

  4. Not even a mousie or a fishes to watch on the screen ? Then of course you have to take a nap !

  5. Who would want to look at Jamie Oliver when there is a beautiful puss to admire (and worship)

  6. Thank you All so much for your comments which make Red's point very well. As a dedicated cat lover I cannot disagree as I am clearly in the wrong for even suggesting he move out of the way when I was given such a great opportunity to view him in all his loveliness...and Jamie is very over-rated anyway!


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