Sunday, 24 February 2013

Zylkene Trial - Days 6-8

Dose Given : half a capsule

This seems to be an effective regime. Red is calmer, less shocked by external noises and very loving. He is more keen for cuddles and choosing to sleep beside me on the sofa in the evening. He is still bright and continues to engage Magic in play fighting and leaping on her back as she runs for her life before confronting him and hissing wildly. In fact when I think about it, although Red is terrified of external noises he is responsible for most of the noise in the house!

Bin day was his big challenge and it didn't go as well as it did last week when he was spaced out. However, although he headed to the door, he left his tail in the room so was obviously sitting just on the other side of the door. On his last return curiosity overcame him and he sat up on the back of the sofa and watched them do their work before coming to sit on me to continue to peer out the window. Although he was not as brave as last week this week's collection was the noisier green bin collection and the fact he was showing more interest than fear is a big leap forward for him.

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