Sunday, 17 February 2013

Zylkene trial - Day 2

Doses given: Very little
Accidental dose given: hopefully very little!

One day in and I've done exactly what I was trying to avoid!!

After giving Red a capsule of zylkene yesterday I did think he was more chilled and snuggly with me and a bit soggy 'licky' with my arm. However, as it was a relaxed weekend sort of day with little requirement for activity by human or feline then I could be mis-attributing this to the effects of the drug.

This morning I tried to normalise the drug administration by popping it in a little bit of gourmet gravy, in a normal bowl and giving it to a hungry Red without me standing over him. That didn't work. Turns out he wasn't that hungry and when I peeped in to see how he was getting on, there was a significant tortoiseshell rump in the 'bum up, head down' position lapping up the gravy and drug! This proves the drug is palatable and easily hidden in their food but little else. Magic is currently out cold in the dining room. No idea if this is drug related as it is Sunday and she doesnt look any different from her normal chilled state. I'll only know if it has had an effect on her if I have to 'pour' her into bed tonight.

It is still the weekend and, tho' I need to shift soon, I am still making the most of the down time. Which is why I nearly missed the first objective sign that the zylkene might be working for Red after one, and possibly a bit more, doses.

The bin men came with their big noisy lorry to do some bulk uplifts and I glanced up idly as I'm sitting at the window, watching tv and reading the papers on the internet. What I didn't immidiately 'twig' was that Red was still sitting up on the back of the sofa beside me watching them. He is great with me but if any noisy threat appears he legs it in blind terror leaving me to my fate, unlike Magic the magnificent who goes into her protective ' who dares come near my human' challenge mode.

When I realised what Red was doing I went to get the camera and he only moved to go in front of the net curtain to see them better! This is momentous, as the bin men and their noisy lorries terrify him the moment he hears them, even when he is at the back of the house. It was the bin men's arrival that caused him to bolt on his one and only trip into the garden  last year as he could hear them from there. Yet today he is full of curiosity on the window ledge and was even watching them leave!! One up for zylkene I think.

Update: Magic obviously got more of the drug than I thought. She is absolutely stoned. She got up when I told her I was going out so that she could go in the bedrooom. She jumped off the sofa, looked confused, tried some tentative steps with her front paws only which clearly didn't feel right, then rolled onto her side to rub her ear/face up and down the carpet in bliss. I had to carry her to the room where she sat on the bed shaking her head.
I tried Red again later with the drug in the gravy but he would not buy it at all and just kept scraping and pawing the tiled floor around the bowl. 

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