Sunday, 10 February 2013

Privacy please

Cats are intensely private animals but don't seem to extend this courtesy to others. This includes the fact that even my bathroom related activities are a communal event.

In our new house I am still struggling to come to terms with living 'low down' and knowing that people can see in the windows. For this reason we have vertical blinds, net curtains and curtains proper...overkill?....ya, think? I'm sure the neighbours think this is weird as the blinds at the front of the house are closed most of the time. Mainly of this is for privacy but, a little bit of it is refusing to conform, as the neighbours use blind opening as an indicator to check when people get up in the morning! I am sure with time accepting that people passing by can peer over the hedge will become the norm but for now the need for privacy is winning. However, in the meantime Red is NOT helping.

If I am using the front living room during the day I let the net curtains provide their screening and I sit on the sofa which is parallel to the window which means I am more or less hidden. Theoretically this should work, however, every time Red jumps from the window ledge to the back of the sofa he manages to hook the curtain over the sofa which leaves me in full view of the street. Way to go boy, that's really helping me manage my privacy issues.....! 

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