Sunday, 25 January 2015

You're sticking the thermometer WHERE.....?

I thought I'd share a little nugget of information I picked up from one of our visits at the vet school. Our vet got out a thermometer and as usual I squinted my eyes and looked to the side but she stuck it under Magic's ARMPIT.....!
I can't say it filled me with much confidence when our normally super competent vet didn't appear to know the difference between a cat's elbow and its ahhhh.......bottom!
However, she laughed at my bewilderment and explained that they'd done some research and found that in a cat there is a close enough correlation between axillary temperatures and rectal. Only if the cat is outwith the normal range will they do the more specific rectal reading as this remains the gold standard for an accurate core temp.
Smart cat owners may already know this but it was new to me and I think this is wonderful, as if one of mine were ill, I'd be happy to do this now. I've always drawn the line at sticking a thermometer up a cat's bottom by rationalising that if I think the cat has a high or low temp then it needs a vet. Magic and Red both tend to reverse from unpleasantness and I'd hate to see my thermometer disappear. Not to mention the fact I'd probably bin the thermometer after use- eugh! Now though, I'd happily tuck a wee digital thermometer under a furry armpit to check.


  1. The armpit is new to me, but the last time the boys had their temps checked (prob last winter when both were so sick with bad URI), the vet used a new thermometer--for the ear! I was surprised about that, though I'm sure the cats were happier about it all. :-)

  2. Wow this is a new one to me,xx Speedy

  3. That's good news! Boris was most upset when his temperature taken at the vets when he was poorly, he didn't sleep in his carry case for about a year afterwards (which he used to love doing) and hated the vets!

  4. I've never heard of that, although I have seen ear thermometers. Having a thermometer stuck you-know-where is the ONLY thing that really throws me at the vet's office, so it would be nice to have a change.

  5. lol, I bet the cats are happy!

  6. I have never heard that but it is a much better idea.


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