Sunday, 7 September 2014

High Numbers and High Five

Despite all the initially positive signs Magic's diabetes is not going into remission as evidenced by her escalating blood sugars which have reached 30+mmol/l. She has had her insulin gradually increased but it is failing to stop the rise and such persistent hyperglycaemia is really worrying to me as I know how damaging this is.
I email her latest readings to her vet each day and have done another curve but I am anxious for action over observation. Her vet and I have shared our thoughts and I can appreciate her caution. I too am terrified in case anything goes wrong and Magic has an unobserved hypo as it will have been me that administered the fatal dose. However, this really needs intervention now and I am not sure what this week will bring.
She seems other wise well in herself but for some reason only known to her she keeps seeking cold places to lie and sleep.
 In more cheerful news the fluffy boy reached the grand age of five - woo hoo! Doesn't he look very serious now he's all growed-up?
If I reflect back to his first birthday and his daredevil antics it is nothing short of a miracle he's survived. On the day he got a toy spider, lots of playing with and plenty of crunchy treats to celebrate. Hardly very generous but there was nothing else I could get him as he lacks for nothing in his life which I think is probably better than any birthday present.
The pic below is where I found him one day when I came home from work. Thankfully, Magic was pointing out he was under the covers otherwise I'd probably have sat on him to get changed as normally never goes under the quilt. Five years on he still gets himself in dangerous situations, so thank goodness wise Magic is looking out for him, even if she isn't his bosom buddy.
Even though he is a big boycat now he still looks like a wide eyed kitten to me.


  1. I am sorry that Magic's hyperglycaemia has not been able to be brought under control. I believe there are different types of insulin for human treatment. Maybe it is the same for cats and another type may be more effective. I hope the vet can come up with something that works for Magic. Happy Birthday to Red.

  2. High blood sugar would cause her to feel warm,as low would make her feel cold.
    You know where I am...but I wish I were there to give that handsome hunk a birthday kiss.
    Jane x

  3. Before brandi there was Sasha. And she was a diabetic cat. So mommy understands. Courage! Sending lots of hugs!

  4. I'm sending lots of purrs to Magic! I hope you and the vet figure out something to bring those numbers down soon!

  5. We are sending extra purrs for Magic.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  6. I don't know enough to comment but my friend (human) who suffers has had the disease for 30 odd years, he has been terrible and out of control numerous times. Maybe Magic will take a turn for the best soon.

    Happy Birthday x


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