Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Basket Case

You all know how wussy my sweet Red is around strangers especially anyone who may come into the house. Magic sometimes growls like an Alsatian if someone comes to the door but the boy panics.
Recently, I was trimming Magic's nails before we went to the vet hospital so I evicted Red from the bedroom into the hall. All doors were closed except the bathroom and kitchen as there are no hidey holes there and I could put him back in the room when I went out without searching for him.

While I was persuading Magic into her manicure, this one was with towel this time, someone knocked loudly on the door and I heard a bit of a clatter. I was annoyed at being disturbed but got up inly to find there seemed to be no-one at the door. Oddly I didn't notice Red on my trip to the door and it is only a short L shaped hallway. Anyway, I continued on with Magic's nail trim and whoever had been at the door returned and dropped something through the letterbox.

Nails done and Magic placed in her box I set about looking for the errant boy who seemed to be missing which was a bit perplexing. Till I realised the kitchen door was closed and he was banging it to be let out. He had not only gone to hide in there but he'd actually managed to shut the door behind him in fear of the unknown door knocker. This time it wasn't Magic rolling her eyes at him it was me!


  1. Oscar opens cupboard doors...the others go in to have a look...he shuts them in. He has an evil streak.
    Jane x

  2. Our lot are all a bit nervous, if one scoots so do all the others and so we often have stampede's in our house. lol

  3. Poor boy! He really doesn't like strangers does he.

  4. We don't like some strangers coming here but we love the window cleaner as he's fun.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  5. Closing the door behind you when you hide in a room is a pretty good trick (that we should practice).

  6. What a pretty kitty. I just dicovered your blog through the linkies- very nice.


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