Friday, 31 January 2014

Sweet snooze spot

This nice soft beanbag is a favourite of Magic's to rest her poor arthritic joints and have a cosy coorie up on the back of the sofa.
Her love of the squidgy cushion she purloined is what inspired the accidental polystyrene beads over order so that I could make her lovely soft overlay cushions for her favourite places. Unfortunately, I got it very wrong in terms of how much beady filling is required in a cushion and I managed to create a...rock! It is pretty but has all the give of steel so I've been using it to perch my laptop on when on my knee.
I tried again and half filled another cushion which is not great either and is certainly not going to do much for Magic's little joints. I think I need to make them with the stretchy material I have and keep experimenting with the filling volume.
Update: the 'rock' seems to be getting slightly softer the more I use it for my laptop and knee exercises so I think there may be a bit of a bedding in period with beanbags when they are used. It is still not what you'd call comfortable and Magic ignores it but there may be a slim hope yet, even if my fledgling career a cat cushion maker is doomed.


  1. My cats love fleece ... it is soft, cuddly and warm. I have one in my chair that I sit in at night to watch TV with my FH, but by day it is always occupied by a cat. Not necessarily the same cat all of the time, but a cat all of the time. Even in the evening our Diva (the Devil Child) comes looking for it under me. If I pull an edge up over my leg, she will lie on it and go to sleep ... otherwise she really isn't a lap cat. So maybe you could try some stretch fleece in your project and just put a little of the filling in ... I am still chuckling about your "rock".

    Andrea @ From The Sol

  2. Our smallest girl sleeps on a HUGE dog bed which is stuffed with two pillows a fleece blanket then another cuddly soft cat blanket...she likes her comfort!
    Jane x

  3. Well, it's pretty regardless of how it feels! MOL

  4. My human is about as crafty as... a rock, so she won't be of much help to you!

  5. Yoyu've given me and idea. I like to prop my elbows on cushions when crocheting of knitting (signs of getting old. lol) and cushions well filled with beans would be perfect.

  6. We agree that flannel blankets make the best beds. That is what all the kitties here like better than anything. You have a great day. Take care.

  7. I think you have to cook the beams first and soften them up. Just kidding.


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