Monday, 20 January 2014

Mancat Monday and a question

Can something so soft and floofy with nerves of pure candyfloss still qualify for Mancat Monday?
Itchy, twitchy floppy ear but too lazy to give it a scratch
So, what do you want to chat about?
Ps. That is Magic's rump behind, but just to be clear - they are not in eye contact and not a hair is touching so all hostilities are suspended even though it would take only one paw or tail flick for an outbreak of growly hisses from the dark lady.


  1. We've had 2 days free of hissy growly stuff, the weather has been a lot better and they've been out and about.

  2. Oh, he's sooooooo handsome!
    Jane x

  3. I think you have JUST the right amount of mancatliness!

  4. Like Sparkle, we think you're perfectly mancatly!

  5. Gorgeous! Reminds me of our lovely Bessie who we lost last year, same colouring and such a darling sweet loving kitty.
    Thanks for sharing


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