Friday, 10 August 2012

Red's despair

As the house move was a considerable one it had been decided that it would be done in two stages with half going into storage 10days before the main move. This was great from the packing point of view as it enabled access again as once everything was emptied and packed it took up far more space than before. This meant shimmying round the reduced access created by the boxes which wasn't great. However, the great day dawned and the first stage container move went ahead.

Sadly, for Red tho', his wardrobe that he slept on was one of the items which went in the container. He was bereft and couldn't quite fathom it out. He'd walk past the space, leap on the bed, onto the chest of drawers, then wobble at the edge as he tried to leap up to the missing wardrobe while looking into an abyss. Somehow no amount of staring at the space or me seemed to conjour up his high level bed.

I made him up some additional sleeping spaces but he likes to sleep in a 'safe' spot either high up or under a bed. So under the bed  is where he spent his last few nights sleeping, probably still wondering where his bed went to....

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