Friday, 10 August 2012

Blind cats

The new home came with vertical blinds on most rooms. They are very useful and do the job of covering the windows. How long they will last is less obvious. Within the first few days Magic had got her considerable backside wrapped up  in one and in annoyance wrenched herself free thus breaking the bottom weight, ripping the slat, and pulling all the beaded connectors off. Thankfully the previous houseowner had left me a couple of spares as she had a child and knew pets and children were hard on these blinds.

The next blind emergency was Red related but he was much more mannerly about his predicament. We'd all had an unsettled night and as a result the bedroom door was left open allowing access  to the rest of the house which is rare for the cats during the night. I woke again unexpectedly because I became aware of it being very light suddenly. This was because Red was standing very patiently on my pillow with his front paws while staring intently at me trying to communicate.

The problem was that he'd tangled his backside and tail in the slats and couldn't work out how to extricate himself. So he walked over to my pillow dragging the blind as far as he could which was pleated round his backend, hence no window covering to shield the light. Nice he knew to come for help instead of just ripping the blind down like Magic but not exactly ideal at 4am.

Anyway, like a good cat servant, I got up sorted the problem by lifting him out. I told him not to do it again, but really I think this was more for my benefit as, after a wee thank you lick, he pelted off to cause chaos elsewhere. They seem to be getting the hang of not winding in and out now so here's hoping; otherwise this could get expensive!

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