Thursday, 5 June 2014

Cat blogger hug day, a return and a giveaway

I loved Hug your Cat Day yesterday and it was the impetus I needed to restart my posting over here in honour of all the wonderful cat bloggers and cat lovers who deliver the hugs!
If you read my other blog as well you'll know both went quiet. I just lost heart for blogging as I've been struggling with pain and immobility because of my knee. Things have improved and although, I am still very limited in what I can do that needs me to stand or walk, I'm working hard to get back to normal. I've been reading your posts and occasionally leaving comments but these have been all rather sporadic for which I apologise. Magic and Red have been wonderful in trying to purr me better.
 This degree of proximity has never happened before, or since. Magic normally refuses to tolerate Red in her personal space but she just pretended he wasn't there so that they could both be close to me.
It was only last year that I came out of my blogging chrysalis with the help of the lovely cat bloggers Jacqueline and Hannah and Lucy's Mum who found my blog, reached out and introduced me to the wonderful world of the Cat Blogosphere. This was a revelation. Blogging has been a fabulous window on the world, quite literally, as I have been stuck at home through illness or injury for significant portions of the last year. I absolutely adore the beautiful header generously created by Ann at Zoolatry which I couldn't be any more delighted with. I want to list all the wonderful bloggers I read or who come to visit here but I don't want to inadvertently miss someone out and offend them.
So in honour of all of this Magic, Red and myself got into a little huddle to discuss how we might mark our return to cat blogging and to thank you. Strangely there were no smacky paws or hissing but I think this might just have been another temporary cessation of hostilities given the gravity of the discussion! We decided that a giveaway was ideal as were delighted with being winners over at Glogirly's recently which cheered us up immensely so we thought we'd share the love.

What would we giveaway though....? Initially, we thought we'd give a gift to our feline friends but realised the lucky winner might actually be a woofie or a human who likes our blog but doesn't have a cat and we wanted to be very inclusive. So it was decided that 'we', that'll be me then as there is a distinct lack of opposable thumbs on my two furry co-conspirators, would giveaway a piece of handmade jewellery.

I swithered and dithered as I've never made for someone I don't know. Then as I was rooting about in my bead box trying to decide what to make I came across some new Yankee Tarts and the colours really inspired me.
So the giveaway will be a stretchy bracelet and scented wax tart for three lovely readers who leave me a comment to let me know they wish to be in the draw.
Although I've made up the bracelets I will check with the winners so that the wrist size can be tailored to themselves or someone they plan to gift it to.
If you do have a cat there is a fair chance there might be a mousie, mousie sneaked into the parcel as well. This is more to forewarn you in case you get startled by a furry critter falling out unexpectedly!
This is open to all our readers who leave us a comment to let us know they'd like to be in the draw. There are no restrictions on where you live as I will post anywhere but please make sure you leave me a way of contacting you if you win. I will draw the names at noon BST on Sunday the 8th of June.

Good luck and thank you so much for being such wonderful people.


  1. We are so glad you are here again. Mommy would love your bracelet. But we wish everyone good luck.
    and I understand pain, and send many hugs.

  2. I am so glad to see you and Red and Magic again! I hope your knee improves by leaps and bounds... so that maybe you can do a little leaping and bounding eventually yourself! ;-)

    Those bracelets are so pretty - do enter me! If I win, I may even let my human put it on me for a photo (her wrist and my neck aren't too far apart in size.

  3. You can never, never put enough cat pictures up for me ;) Cat stories make my day! I watched that world of cat program on itv catchup (no licence... never will) so cute x

  4. I've recently had a bit of upset and been doing a bit of booing, my cats always seem to know when I'm upset and come over and do the head rubbing. I'm sure they know.
    Our 5 cats are our life and we consequently never go on holiday as we would not like to leave them, silly? maybe but that's the way we feel about them.
    I'd love to be in the draw, I never seem to win anything but with 3 chances you never know...

  5. Welcome back and congratulations on 200 posts.
    I would love to be entered in your draw.

  6. It's no fun to have health problems that impose limitations. We hope you will be able to enjoy more of life, including blogging now.

    We would love to be included in your drawing. They are all pretty but Jan was oohing over the brown one. :)

  7. Glad you’re back in the blog groove. TW wishes she’d have had the Cat Blogosphere when she broke her ankle and couldn’t leave the apartment. There was nothing to do and I kept biting her. Those bracelets are beautiful. The first time we heard those things called tarts, we didn’t know what they were. Tarts are cakes over here.

  8. Oh what Lovely pictures of you both!!
    Your TX furiend,

  9. Please put me into the draw xx
    gholmes724 ((at)) gmail ((d0t)) com

  10. I am sorry to have missed the draw, but just wanted to say welcome back. I've been a bit sporadic in my posting too. The jewellery looks lovely!


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