Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Would the real 'Cat' stand up

I was waiting in a chemist's today for a prescription and I was reminded of my old cat who is long gone but never forgotten and her prescriptions. She was called 'Cat' which is very unoriginal. Unfortunately, by the time I decided on a suitable name the poor soul would only answer to 'cat' or 'baby', and so it remained. Depending on who asked we sometimes just said she was named after Audrey Hepburn's Cat in Breakfast at Tiffany's to make us sound less hopeless as new cat owners.

Cat had epilepsy and was prescribed a fifth of a 15mg tablet of phenobarbitone. These tablets were miniscule and we had to use a craft knife to get a fragment which resembled a fifth. Every so often she ended up with too many 'big fifths' and became utterly zonked and we had to cut back to small fragments so she would round again over the next few days. It was pretty hellish but it worked for her as she never had another fit and was some nine years later able to be weaned off.

A new vet took over the neurology practice and instead of him stocking and dispensing the drug himself, he arranged that a local chemist's would dispense against a private prescription. So far so good. Every few months I'd drive over to a local town pick up the prescription and go to the designated chemist shop.

Now although this was all agreed, the counter staff seemed to lose concentration between me handing it in, after explaining it was a vet prescription, and then calling me when it was ready. The first couple of times it was an oversight and I would smilingly correct them before taking the drugs and we all laughed. However, it kept happening, and never once in all the years did they fail to stand at the counter and bawl into the shop "Prescription for Cat RedSetter!" and I would be forced to stalk up to the counter with gritted teeth and correct them with polite "No. Its a vet prescription FOR the Cat. I'm Ms RedSetter, I'm the owner".

So today when I stood up and walked forward for my own prescription I had to supress a smile as I remembered having to answer to my alter-ego of Cat RedSetter!


  1. :) This post made me smile. What a lovely memory of Cat.

  2. What a nice memory. Our head peep got tapazole for Talia's thyroid at the local pharmacy, and had similar experiences. In fact, Talia even had her own pharmacy discount membership card with her name embossed on it! We're glad you reminded her of her memory of Talia and the pharmacy, because it made her smile, too.

  3. Mommy smiled. She remembers going to the pharmacy close to her old vet to pick up a prescription for her cat Suki. She walked around waiting for the prescription to be filled and then was shocked and chuckled as Suki was told over the intercom to come pick up her prescription. I think mommy probably said something like 'I'm her mother" when she picked it up.

  4. Makes me happy that our vet gives us all the prescriptions the Mews have needed so far. LOL! ~ TBT

  5. Hehehe... But no need to feel embarrassed by the name Cat. I have a WONDERFUL pal named Cat and she's a peep. A pretty famous peep, too!


    PS. Please stop by my blog if you have a mo. There's a special little somethin' waitin' for you over there. purrs


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