Saturday, 18 May 2013

Freesat or Freecat

2012 pics:

Bizarrely this house is in a natural dip and does not get any aerial reception despite being in a busy urban location. This is pretty infuriating as all of my tv's have integral freeview which is now worthless and I spent the first four days here singing to myself or watching the one dvd that was in the bedroom tv for some noise! Now I know why the sellers seemed to keep going on about SKY tv set ups!

I enjoy tv and generally tend to have it on in the background so I like to have access to tv where I am rather than being limited to viewing tv in one single room. Surprisingly to me, SKY term this as 'multiroom' and hike up the price hysterically. I am not a fan of paid tv at the best of times. If a show is good enough it will usually find its way  to free tv and despite my tv everywhere rule I am more of a tv 'grazer' rather than dedicated watcher.

So, after much conflicting advice, including a quote for nearly £900 from Currys to fit FREEsat, I wondered what I was going to do. A conversation with the seller revealed  I actually had an 8 channel satellite dish and a freesat point in the small bedroom which worked with a £30 freesat box. This meant I could stop singing but could only watch tv in the bedroom. A couple of weeks later I realised (ok, I'm a bit slow in the uptake) that I could use one of the two SKY leads for a freesat box in the living room. Unfortunately, at the time that room looked like one of those hoarder programmes and I only had the use of a single sofa once I'd hiked over a mountain trail of boxes leading to it but still I could watch tv in another room.

Eventually, a satellite engineer was sourced and the rest of the house was drilled and 'wired for viewing' and the tvs could be reinstated. The freesat boxes were going to be bought slowly as finances allowed but a decent balance on a nectar card brought things forward.

So, why is this cat related? Well, Magic decided, as cats do, to check out the new item to her exacting standards....
Magic: the freesat cat


  1. We LOVE boxes too=what a fun, gorgeous photo of beautiful Magic with her stunning eyes!...We hope you guys have a wonderful Caturday together and for a kitty, hanging out in a box is a great start!...kisses...Calle, Halle, Sukki, Mommy Cat, Daddy Cat

  2. Glad you got the TV all figured out. That is always nice. And Magic, that does look like a great box. Our Maggie loves boxes like that.

  3. Hi Magic, didn't your human know to consult with you first. We bets you knew all about the TV setups. ~Scylla & Family

  4. We love boxes, too! Now that your human doesn't have to buy more freesat boxes, you you can get more toys instead, right?

  5. We love boxes, but we can't understand how humans want to watch the telly when WE are much more interesting and beautiful (and cheaper) than anything on the telly

    Gerry & Mungo

  6. Boxes you can sit and play in is so much more fun than those the humans like to stare at. Just sayin'. ;)

  7. I tend to have the TV on for background noise too. Here in our area in Canada you can get TV via the cable company (also offers internet and phone, and I've bundled with them to save $) or via satellite. I've never bothered with a satellite dish--there's nothing to watch as it is. LOL. BTW, if one has an old aerial, one's out of luck, because almost all stations have switched from analogue to digital now.

    BTW, as Everycat noted, cats ARE more entertaining than most things on TV. :-)

  8. Hi, Red and Magic, just checking in, hope you guys are happy and well...Wanted to wish you both a fun weekend, precious friends!...xoxo...Calle, Halle, Sukki, Mommy Cat, Daddy Cat


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