Sunday, 22 April 2012

The High Life or the High Way

Despite the fact that both cats sleep at the bottom of the bed during the winter before they settle down they vie for supremacy over who will sit where. Usually Red likes the top of the wardrobe but on this night he'd had a go at Magic so she stole his favourite space in revenge. Red was so annoyed he didnt think what he was doing and leapt past Magic so that they were both on the wardrobe and worse, he was on the long drop side! They both did a bit of growling and posturing but realised I think(!) that they were a little stuck and it was a little too dangerous for their usual shenanigans. I was horrified and tried to intervene but they were too high to do anything meaningful. I had visions of broken legs and multiple injuries.

Interestingly they resolved it by turning their heads away, like they do when sharing the bed, and pretending the other didn't exist. Who knew cats were just like politicians!

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