Sunday, 25 September 2011

Sorry Sweetie, was that your tail 2..?

To the soundtrack of Britney Spears "Oops I did it again...". This time it was Magic's tail I stood on and this time someone did get hurt, temporarily. I was tidying the worktops and making breakfast, cinnamon buns and coffee if you were interested, when I stepped back on her little pencil thin tail. Well, she let out a scream, and so did I as I got a fright too. I chased after her, and so did Red as he seemed quite concerned too, I checked her tail and apart from the pain of me standing on it no lasting harm seemed to be done. No hair loss was noticed either and she very graciously let me apologise profusely.

I think the problem is that the cats see themselves as an immovable object. If you are coming out of a room and they are sitting or lying there then it is up to you to work out how you will step over them. The kitchen is a particular issue as they sit down right behind you, contented just to be near you, but you are unaware they are there...then you step back and realise you've stood on one of their tails. I've no idea of how to persuade them not to do this. If the weight of me landing on their sensitive tails or ripping out a huge chunk of fur is no deterent then I can't imagine what would be.

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